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Gang writing unit for EFP


EFP Gang unit

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AC adapter for RC-G8B/G4B instructions



RC-G8B/RC-G4B Product Features

Achievement a large amount of writing and reading

It is a gang writing unit for EFP-RC2, EFP-LC and EFP-RC.
Writing and reading by flash memory and serial I/O mode to MCU with built-in QzROM
can be done at a time by 8 or 4, can work promptly.
(EFP is separately needed)

Comprehensible and an easy operation

It is possible to work with one button (after setting EFP-RC2 or EFP-RC to the memory execution mode).
The admission decision on the writing and reading is understood at one view.

It can use everyplace

RC-G8B/G4B can operate without using a personal computer.
Data writing is enabled anywhere.

RC-G8B/RC-G4B Product Composition
  • Target Connection Cable
  • EF1TGCB-16W16W
  • Power pack
  • Product Manual

RC-G8B/RC-G4B@ Specification
Writing System Depending on EFP-RC2, EFP-LC and EFP-RC
Writing Object Depending on EFP-RC2, EFP-LC and EFP-RC
Power DC17.5V`24V
Power Consumption RC-G4B 3.3VA
RC-G8B 3.3VA
Exterminal Demension RC-G8B 140(W) ~ 140(D) ~ 95(H)mm (Projection part exclusion)
RC-G4B 140(W) ~ 140(D) ~ 70(H)mm (Projection part exclusion)
Weight of Main Body Unit RC-G8B 1091g
RC-G4B 879g

Main Body
RC-G8B 84,000  RC-G4B 52,500