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New! Secure function support!

Stand Alone Programmer with
Built-in CF Card


On-board Programmer
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EFXQZP-01-D (QzROM programing board)



Difference with EFP-RC

I can protect preservation data in EFP-RC2 by a secure function.

1. The function that upload is prohibited in it
@I set an ID cord in EFP-RC2 and prevent you from beginning to read preservation data in CF-card.

2. Script practice number of times setting function
@I can set the setting of the ID cord and the practice number of times of the script.
@I can prevent an excessive note to remove preservation data when practice of the number of times that I set is completed.

Supported device

I corresponded to the RX/Rl78/SH family.

Improvement of the program speed

Approximately 5% of program speed improved.
(When I compared it in M16C family.)

Feature of EFP-RC2

CF Card Used for Storing User Program

CF card (compact flash memory) is used for storing a user program.
It can be removed easily and memory volume can be extended.

Lightweight (230g) Stand Alone Programmer

Compact size lightweight on-board programmer which can be used without a personal computer.
Data rewrite is enabled anywhere.

Data rewrite enabled by just pushing a button.  Easy shortcut function available.

Any execution command can be registered on a command execution key.
The operation can be conducted by just pushing the button.

Variety of Accessories

Cables and write board for EFP-S2V or EFP-I can be used.
controller unit(RC-G8B/G4B) for gang by which multiple EFP-RC2 can be operated at once is on sale.

EFP-RC2 Accessories

  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Target connection cable (cable end is not bound)
  • Product CD (PDF manual. control soft etc)

EFP-RC   Specifications
Writing system Writing System for MCU made by Renesas Electronics
Writing Object MCU with built-in FLASH made in Renasas Electronics
Memory Compact flash memory card for user program buffer
Com. interface USB1.1, maximum baud rate 12Mbps
OS for Control Software Windows XP/7(32bit/64bit)/8(32bit/64bit)/10(32bit/64bit)
Power supply

There are three ways:
(i) Power supply from USB bus power
(ii) Power supply from user target system (3.3V to 5V)
(iii) Power supply from power terminal for EFP-RC (5V)

Power consumption 400mA when 3.3 V (max), 250mA when 5V
External dimensions 108 (W) ~ 78 (D) ~ 23 (H) mm(except protruding portion)
Weight 230g
price 74,000