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New! Secure function support!

Ultralight small standalone serial MCU programmer


 Type A For 4-bit and 8-bit MCU
 Type B For M16C family MCU
 Type C For R8C family MCU
 Type D For RL78 family MCU
 Type E For RX/SH family MCU

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Feature of EFP-LC

I can protect preservation data in EFP-LC by a secure function.

1. The function that upload is prohibited in it
 I set an ID cord in EFP-LC and prevent you from beginning to read preservation data in EFP-LC.

2. Script practice number of times setting function
 I can set the setting of the ID cord and the practice number of times of the script.
 I can prevent an excessive note to remove preservation data when practice of the number of times that I set is completed.

Weigh about 40g, ultralight and small standalone programmer
Small and light, onboard programmer that can be used without computer.
MCU programing can be executed in any locations.


Reasonable price

LCD is removed and target MCU for each product is limited; that enables reasonable price.

Easy programing with one button

After data is registered with control software, you just need to press START button and programing operation is enabled.
(Only one data can be registered.)

Plenty of Accessories

Cable and writing substrate for EFP-S2/S2V and EFP-I can be used.
controller unit(RC-G8B/G4B) for gang by which multiple EFP-LC can be operated at once is on sale.

About a suppported device
The same level of device as EFP-RC can be used. Product type differs according to corresponding device.
Please refer a list of the latest devices list.

EFP-LC Accessory

  • Target connection cable (cable end is not bound)
Please install a manual or the control software from the downloading page

EFP-LC The other For Accessories
  • USB cable
  • Target connection cable(EF1TGCB-A, EF1TGCB-B)

EFP-LC  Specifications
Programming method Programming System for MCU made by Renesas Electronics
Applicable MCU MCU with built-in Flash QzROM made by Renasas Electronics
Memory LotNo. R2A00001〜R2D00091:ROM 768kB
LotNo. R2E00092〜R3C00271 :ROM 4MB (Type-E 16MB)
LotNo. R3C00272〜 :ROM 16MB
Com. interface USB1.1
OS for Control Software Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7(32bit/64bit)/8(32bit/64bit)/10(32bit/64bit)
Power supply

(i) Power supply from USB bus power (5V)
(ii) Power supply from user target system (3.3V to 5V)

Power consumption 3.3V 110mA 5V25mA
External dimensions 85(W) × 47(D) × 15(H)mm (removed a tang)
Weight 40g
price ¥22,500