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Last Update
December 19 2005
Product CD Ver.4.09

Update contents

・WinEfpRE Ver.1.30.17 were released.
・EFP-I firmware Ver.4.xx.25 were released.

Update history

Composition of the folder of CD

Composition in the English folder in EFP-I Product CD
Folder name Contents
Application WinEfpRE folder :
  Newest set of WinEfpRE control software is stored.
  Refer to the Setup.txt for the installation method.
WinFirmRE folder:
  EFP-1 and a set for 1 M F/W restoration of software are stored.
EFP-I (PDF) EFP-I instruction manual. Others
Parallel unit (PDF) The manual of various parallel units
Serial unit (PDF) The manual of various serial units

Product CD Data

EFP-I Product CD latest version

File name:
File size: 8.4MB
File format: ZIP file
EFP-I F/W version: Ver.4.xx.25
WinEfpRE version: Ver.1.30.17