"We challenge technology of the one step future" we aim the company to pursuit of high technology, to respect quality and having top priority satisfaction of customer and earth.



About the software and designs of the electronic applied machinery such as the hardware, production, maintenance, service and machinery sale in our company activity assure following. We establish to maintain that "Quality Management System (QMS)" based on ISO9001 and "Environmental management system (EMS)" based on ISO14001 as "Total management system" (TMS).

1) For customer satisfaction, We aim for improvement of product quality and the security of the appointed date of delivery and reduction and aim at improvement of works and the improvement of the prevention of the non-conformity.

2) we aim at an area and the maintenance of the global environment through practice of the quality improvement of the product,the energy, reduction of the resources consumption and recycling, reduction of the waste and prevention of environmental pollution.

We establish follows as a basic policy corresponding to each system to realize management principles. In addition, all employees carry out follows and maintain it.

1) We recognize that it is an top priority of employee common to satisfy the quality related matters which customers demand. In addition, we take next action to plan continuous improvement and the improvement of the customer satisfaction of QMS in every aspect of the company activity.

2) We recognize that global environment maintenance is a human common important problem. and we take next action to plan continuous improvement of EMS with every aspect of the company activity, cooperation and symbiosis with neighboring areas.

EBased on this basic policy and a purpose for each system which is described in an above idea, we set year objective at each section head and each field in a range possible technology mark and economically. And we give a frame to review about status of the work proceeded and achievement regularly.

ETo assure having for the awareness of the accountability of the following item to all employees, we carry out activity including education/training of the employee and ensure full awareness and commitment.

a) Understanding of QMS, consciousness for the quality and improvement of credentials and thorough recognition of the importance to meet customer requirements

b) Understanding of EMS, consciousness for the quality and improvement environment and the prevention of the pollution

EAll employees understand total management system in a manual and obey this rule matter.

EQuality and laws and ordinances/regulation requirements about the environment and to observe requirements that we agree, we try for reinforcement and improvement of the management based on a manual and each rule.

ETo continue an adequacy of a management system, we give a frame reviewing this policy and review it every year and disclose this if we get a request from the outside.

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Representative Director Shinya Ueda